Water Meters

Kamstrup Multical 21

Kamstrup Multical 21 / flowIQ 2101

Multical® 21 is used for measurement of cold and hot water (up to 70oC) consumption in households and blocks of flats as well as industry. Ultrasonic flow measurement guarantees pinpoint measuring accuracy and longevity.


Kamstrup Multical 62

Kamstrup Multical 62

Multical® 62 is an ultrasonic flow sensor that is used for measurement of cold water consumption (0.1 to 50oC) and hot water consumption (0.1 to 90oC) in trade, industry and housing. The ultrasonic sensor does not include any mechanical parts and is not subject to wear.


Kamstrup FlowIQ 3000

Kamstrup flowIQ 3100

flow IQ™ 3100 measures cold water consumption in blocks of flats and commercial premises. Ultrasonic flow measurement guarantees pinpoint measurement accuracy and longevity.


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